Energy management System (ISO 50001:2018)


This unit shall go in depth into the requirements and practices of energy management according to ISO 50001:2018. It was chosen to focus on the standard as it demands defined roles in energy management and that those stakeholders carry out their roles effectively. Further, it addresses monitoring approaches on areas of responsibilities (Significant Energy Users). INDUCE fits very well into that scope, at the same time ISO 50001:2018 is of high interest for the pilot companies. A focus on the standard is thus a good “vehicle” to implement the INDUCE topics. INDUCE can be understood as a practicable, human centered approach to fulfil ISO 50001:2018 requirements.

Tiempo sugerido
  • Análisis tecnoeconómico
  • Sistemas certificados de gestión de energía.
Tiempo sugerido
  • 3 hours
Fase propuesta
  • Etapa 2: Implementación
Grupo objetivo
  • Gerencia media
Métodos didácticos
  • Clase maestra
  • Foro de discusion
  • Estudios de caso
Tipos de aprendizaje
  • Procesal
  • Actitudinal