Energy management (Targets and goals)


This is the second training unit for energy managers in stage 2. The module focuses on setting measurable energy targets that are suitable. To be fair and achievable, targets need to focus on areas of responsibilities (corresponding with ISO 50001 “significant energy using units”). Further, external factors that cannot be influenced by the employees responsible, need to be normalized (such as production loads, ambient temperature levels). This module shall train the needed concepts (regression analysis) and then go into practical application.

Voorgestelde tijd
  • Gecertificeerde energiebeheersystemen
  • 2 hours
Voorgestelde fase
  • Fase 2: Implementatie
  • Middenmanagement
Didactische methoden
  • Masterclass
  • Case studies
  • Coöperatief leren
  • Diagnostische analyse
  • Probleemgestuurd onderwijs
Soorten leren
  • Attitudinal