Top manegement "commitmet" and analysis GAP to Energy Management


This is the first training unit. This unit shall improve top management “commitment” to energy management and show gaps. Commitment of top management is essential to enable the other levels to fulfil their roles (energy manager, employees). The training builds upon the new requirements of ISO 50001:2018 which foresees more involvement of top management. It is highly relevant for the companies as most have implemented ISO 50001:2011.

Tiempo sugerido
  • Organizativo
  • Criterio de decisión
Tiempo sugerido
  • 2 hours
Fase propuesta
  • Etapa 1: Entrenamiento inicial
Grupo objetivo
  • Gerencia media
Métodos didácticos
  • Clase maestra
  • Foro de discusion
  • Aprendizaje cooperativo
  • Análisis de diagnóstico
Tipos de aprendizaje
  • Actitudinal